Specially selected solar products joined together with a seasoned well oiled installation team and great customer services. Firstly the solar panel and solar inverter chosen, as a result of a variety of factors. One of the reasons is  that extended warranties of a full 20 years were secured for you!

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Not sure which solar panels you want?

The more electricity you use, the more solar panels you’ll need. Most households need between 4 and 16 solar panels installed on their roof, but you can work out exactly how many solar panels you’ll need using some basic maths


Of course this is a relative question. It depends, in part, on how much electricity you use and how efficient the appliances are that you operate. That said expect to generate excess electricity in the summer (when days are long) . Which can potentially offset the energy you use from the grid in the winter. A combination of energy efficient appliances and light bulbs can help reduce your homes energy bill by over two-thirds.

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devices with an electric heating element cannot be powered by solar such as a stove, microwave and irons except for a DC iron and other device that might have been manufactured specifically to be powered using a solar system

Yes; it is possible using a Smart inverter or alternatively they can be used interchangeably through the use of a change over switch or a smart inverter. A change over switch is a switch used to alternate between grid power and alternative sources of power.

These are calculations made to properly determine the size of the solar system required to meet your specific energy demand.

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