SOLAR Services

For Controling Your Energy Production

  • Solar Generators
    • Our home solar solutions start from solar generators which has 4- 6 lights and a socket adapter. It powers a laptop and can be tailor made to power a small TV too. These are DIY gadgets suitable for home, picnic and holiday use.
  • Domestic solar solutions
    • This solution provides for domestic lights and entertainment, it starts from a 12 v solar system which powers lights and entertainment, 24 V system which ranges from 1000 – 3000W inverters & powers lights entertainment and refrigeration. We also have 48 V systems that range from 3 to 5Kva inverters, this system can power lights, entertainment, refrigeration & borehole. Wayon can tailor make systems that can meet your power requirements. We supply and install various solar geysers. We have back up systems for households, these are systems that don’t have panels. They are just batteries and an inverter connected to the grid. When Zesa goes the power stored in the batteries comes into use.
  • Commercial Solar Solutions
    • We can make solar systems that can be used for commercial purposes e.g. solar systems to power clinics, plants, schools. We have the capacity and technical expertise to design systems that can meet large power usage, these can go up to 10kw which can power a hospital theatre and cold rooms.
  • Public Lighting
    • We have various lights with different sizes, there are integrated lights that range from 10W to 80W and all the components i.e. battery, panel and light are combined in one unit. There is a Nezio which is a solar mast integrated light which has the option to brand on it or add WIFI routers. In a way it is an improved version of a integrated light. We also install standard street lights and tower lights.